• Thursday, January 7, 2021

I'm pleased to announce we're beginning the release of new products, including Discord Bot Hosting & Game Server Hosting!

Game Hosting
As of right now, our game servers are limited to Minecraft servers at $1.25/GB, but we may be able to support requests for custom games (ex. ARK, Rust, CS:GO, etc) if you open a ticket. For Minecraft, we currently only have plans up to 6 GB listed, due to the limits of our game server, however please open a ticket if you require higher specs, as we will gladly be able to accommodate your request.

Bot Hosting
Our bot hosting supports, by default, discord.js, discord.py, and discordgo, but we may be able to accommodate custom requests. Once-click bot installs will also be coming soon (ex. JMusicBot, etc).

Both of these new products are administered through Pterodactyl panel, which we will also be working on adding new, exciting features to. If you have any questions about any of these services, feel free to ask in Discord or open a ticket on our billing panel. I'll give another reminder of our affiliate program, so if you don't need these services, but know people who do, you can activate your account, send your friends your link, and earn from their purchases.